STIHL Lightning Battery System® Chainsaws

Innovating chainsaws from the company that helped invent them.

Whether you're a homeowner looking to cut branches on your property or a professional looking to fell the toughest trees, STIHL is the name trusted for generations. The legendary power of STIHL chainsaws now comes in a battery system that is lightweight, affordable and feature-rich. They’re significantly quieter than gasoline-powered chainsaws and start instantly with the squeeze of a trigger.

Your local STIHL Dealer has great prices on essential outdoor equipment, including chainsaws, blowers and trimmers. Reserve products online with STIHL Express and they'll be ready for you to pick up – assembled and ready to run. Find a dealer near you and get started today.

Find STIHL Lightning Battery System® chainsaws at your local STIHL Dealership! Locate a Dealer near you and get started today.